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Welcome to the PLA Network! We power over 25 schools across the country in Alabama, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Texas, Missouri and Washington D.C. We are hiring talented K-12 teachers, staff and national team members across the country. Our public schools and tuition-free charter schools are catalysts for igniting great learners and leaders. Are you a fearless, talented, and passionate educator? Our future looks brighter with you. Join us this school year.


Competitive Compensation & Benefits

It is not just about hiring teachers, it's about fueling the future. We value each of our team members and work to offer a competitive salary. Competitive compensation is paired with medical, dental, vision and retirement plans. Our staff also have the potential to earn more through annual merit increases and performance bonuses. We believe in supporting and rewarding the positive outcomes of our schools and our scholars.


Strong Professional Development

We work to ensure that our teachers and staff grow, thrive, and drive our mission to improve the lives of children through ongoing professional development in-person and online. Our coaching platform supports teachers in honing teaching skills, learning a new skill set, classroom management, and professional growth. Teachers have the option to learn in live group sessions or participate in self-paced learning through the PLA training portal. Additionally, we offer mentorship for new teachers and clear pathways to career progression with our Pathways to Leadership Program and our paid Principal in Residence (PiR) program.

Appreciation & Recognition Year-Round

We truly value our teachers and staff and work to show gratitude regularly for their role in our schools and scholars’ success. School jobs are the most important jobs. We work to show our gratitude for our staff each and every day.

Additional Income Opportunities

Many of our teachers earn extra money during the summer because PLA offers summer jobs for teachers and staff. Our teachers earn extra money by working in our schools with our summer programming partners. PLA teachers get first priority placement in school summer programming. Teachers are also able to apply to lead program sites.

Dependent Participation in Adult Learning Program

We synchronize dedicated leadership with community organizations and partners across the country to provide the network, skills, experience, and support needed to help our scholars and families realize their full learning and earning potential. PLA University is a free workforce development program launched in 2020 to support adults within the PLA community as they strive to learn more and earn more. This program is free to any family member of PLA scholars.

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Our Future 

Looks Brighter
            With You


Phalen Leadership Academies was named in honor of George and Veronica Phalen. Our institution carries their core values of: Children First, Respect, Determination, Continuous Improvement, and Gratitude.


Spark Learning and Hope

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Co-Founder & CEO, The Axis Group
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Social Network Expert, Co-Founder of SocialSoul™
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Data Analyist, Founder of Vibes
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User Experience Designer, Web Folk LTD.
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